Pet Boarding at St. Louis Veterinary Center

At St. Louis Veterinary Center we offer boarding services available to give you peace of mind while you are away from your furry ones. Our boarding staff prides themselves in getting to know your dogs or cats one on one and making their stay as comfortable as possible. Whether your pet is in need of medical assistance or just a home away from home we are here to give them the personalized care they need.

dogs sitting

Your dogs will be housed in fully indoor spaces with outdoor time throughout their stay. We have a large outdoor play area to let the dogs exercise and play each day. We are happy to accommodate most requests such as boarding housemates together, allowing playtime with other dogs, as well as specific feeding, bedding or medical needs.

Your cats enjoy a quite stay in our cat condo. Fully set up with cat shelves and cozy cubbies for the shy cats, our multi-layered condos keep your cats safe and comfy while you are away.

Rest assured when you leave your pets in our care they are in good hands. We strive to do everything we can to make your pet’s stay a positive experience and keep them, and you, wanting to come back!

Rules/Regulations/Additional Fees

  • Sunday pickup is not available
  • Holiday pickup is not available
  • To administer medication (additional fees may apply if difficult to administer)
  • If we provide food, it will be an additional fee
  • Owner must show proof of current vaccinations for pets in order to be boarded
  • Extra Fee may apply for “Hard to Handle” Pets