COVID Updates

Friends of St. Louis Veterinary Center, with the growing concerns regarding the outbreak of COVID-19, we would like to notify you of measures being taken to ensure our client's safety along with methods to provide your pet(s) with the care they need. At this time, our hours and services will remain the same. Should this change we will notify you immediately. Hospital sanitation has been elevated, and proper precautions are taken seriously by our doctors and staff.

St. Louis Veterinary Center is offering a few options for our clients who may feel uncomfortable going out in public to comply with social distancing. *We are strongly encouraging all clients to consider these options to minimize contact and potential spread:*


1. Curbside Appointments: * When you arrive for your appointment, please contact the receptionist at *314-230-8305* to let them know you are here. Please provide your name, pet’s name, and type of vehicle you are in. One of our staff members will come out to your car, ask you to complete any necessary paperwork, get a brief medical history and retrieve your pet for the appointment. Our staff will perform exams, go over recommendations and options, and provide services while you wait in the car. Appointment findings and payment will be completed over the phone.

2. Drop-off:* Drop-off appointments are always available at no additional fee. Similar to the above but you would drop off and pick up your pet(s) later.

3. Doctor Phone Consultations:* For existing clients with non-emergency/critical ill patients we are going to offer doctor phone consultations for an additional fee. While this does not replace a physical exam, it is a great alternative at this time. Examples of when this could be an option include sudden cases of vomiting/diarrhea, inappropriate urination, a wound you can send a photo for, etc. If you are questioning if this is an option, please call to ask. You can call and set up an appointment time as you would an exam, and our doctors will call you during that time.

4. If you are uncomfortable with either of these options, please call us and we would be happy to reschedule at a later date.

Medication & Food Refills:

If you are in need of a medication or food refills, please contact our office as we can accommodate your needs one of two ways:

1. Drive-by pick up: *payment can be made over the phone and our staff will bring the medication(s) or food out to the car. Please notify the receptionist of these needs prior to arriving.

2. Mail:* In the event you are unable to come by for pick up, we may offer mailing smaller items for an additional fee.

House Calls

In certain cases, we can accommodate by providing a house call at an additional fee. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Client safety and patient care is our first priority. We hope you find these measures helpful to continue being able to provide quality care for your pets. Please contact us at 314-230-8305 with questions and/or concerns.

Stay safe,
St. Louis Veterinary Center Doctors & Staff