Pet Grooming

We are happy to provide grooming services for your dogs and cats at St. Louis Vet Center. Our groomer takes the time to know each pet and all their little quirks! Our groomer has years of experience providing simple, manageable cuts for dogs of many breeds and mixes as well as how to handle cats during grooming. Our goal is to provide the haircut you desire while keeping your pet as stress-free and comfortable as possible, giving them the “spa-day” we know they deserve.

Grooming can be a challenge for dogs and cats that have had bad past experiences, have aggressive tendencies or if their coat has become too matted that they may experience pain from grooming. Providing grooming services at our veterinary center allows us the option to have our veterinary staff anesthetize hard to handle pets in the extreme event that they cannot be groomed without full sedation.

dog grooming

Rules/Regulations/Additional Fees

  • Extra charge if pet needs to be anesthetized
  • All prices vary on size of pet and condition of coat
  • There may be an extra charge for “Hard to Handle” pets
  • Vaccinations must be done at least 2 days prior to grooming appointment.
  • Owner must show proof of current vaccinations for pets!