Microchipping Your Pet At St. Louis Veterinary Center

Microchipping is a way for a veterinarian or animal shelter to return your pet to you if it gets lost. If someone finds your pet and takes it to a shelter or brings it to us at St. Louis Veterinary Center, the staff will first scan for a microchip using a scanner. The microchip only stores a number that connects to a database. Using information from the database, the staff that scanned your pet can get your phone number to reunite you with your dog or cat.

With microchips, you must register the number with the hosting company. If you move, you'll need to update the information. While you can get us to put a microchip in your pet, it's your responsibility to input your information into the chip database.

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Benefits of Having a Veterinarian Microchip Your Pets

If you have our veterinarian microchip your pet, the chances of finding it rise dramatically. Out of 7700 animals at shelters in one study, only 21.9 percent of dogs and 1.8 percent of cats without microchips were returned to their owners. With microchipped pets, the numbers went up to 52.2 percent for dogs and 38.5 percent for cats. Those pets with microchips that did not get back to their owners did not have accurate information about the owner in the microchip database.

How a Vet Performs Microchipping

If you're not sure if your pet already has a chip, our vet can scan for one. Or, if your pet needs x-rays for another problem, we will spot the microchip in the x-rays. Many shelters require all pets they place in homes to have microchips. The shelters often insert these before you take the animal home. Ask the shelter for the microchip company's information so you can update the information. If your pet doesn't have a microchip, we can insert one.

The procedure is fast and painless. Microchips are tiny, no bigger than a single rice grain. We insert the chip with a hypodermic syringe between the shoulder blades. Your pet won't need an anesthesia. In fact, to your cat or dog, it will just feel like another injection from its doctor. The needle is only slightly bigger than those used to give immunizations to your pet.

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