Pet Grooming

Why Pet Grooming Matters

Pets need to be taken care of in an appropriate manner. There are multiple components to this which include annual exams, acute care services, and pet grooming. Pet grooming is often overlooked; however, this is actually an important part of taking care of a pet. The team from the St. Louis Veterinary Center is here to ensure that every pet in the St. Louis area has access to a trained veterinarian who understands that pet grooming is an important component of a happy and healthy pet’s life.


Overall Health

Pet grooming is very important for the overall health of a pet. As the pet’s hair begins to get too long, dust and debris can become trapped in the fur. In addition, there are dangerous bugs that can become trapped within the fur of a pet. These bugs can lead to deadly diseases if they begin to feed on the pet. All of these problems can be prevented by making sure that pets are groomed regularly. Propper pet grooming is important for not only keeping pets clean but also taking care of their overall health.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Next, pet grooming can also help with a pet's mood, confidence, and self-esteem. Pets have emotions. When the hair of pets starts to get messy and long, it can get in their eyes, making it hard for pets to see. This can lead to sad pets and a certain level of frustration. To prevent this from happening, grooming is essential. This is a key part of making sure that pets have high levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Trimming the Nails

Finally, pet grooming also means that the nails are trimmed as well. When pets have nails that start to get too long, they can cut themselves while scratching. These long nails can also do some serious harm to the furniture and floors in a home as well. It can often be hard to trim the nails of pets because they won't hold still and they are scared of the clippers. This is where a professional is needed to keep those nails under control.

Trust the Team from the St. Louis Veterinary Center

If you are in the St. Louis area and it’s about time for your furry friend to get a haircut, then call and schedule an appointment at St. Louis Veterinary Center today. Your pet will look better and feel better after a quick trip to the vet. We offer professional grooming services while making sure our pet patients have a comfortable experience.