Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at St. Louis Veterinary Center

The veterinary team at St. Louis Veterinary Center is a skilled group of experts, and there’s little we can’t handle. Soft tissue surgeries are all completed in house.

Before every procedure, we perform a full physical exam as well as pre-anesthetic bloodwork to ensure your companion is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. To maximize their level of comfort, we also administer pain medication before the surgery so your pet awakens with minimal or no discomfort. Our pain management protocols are specifically designed for your pet, so you can rest assured their dosage is the perfect amount for them.

dogs with surgeons

Surgeries we offer include:
- Advanced Soft Tissue:
- Spay and neuter
- Mass removals
- Cystotomy
- Orthopedic
- Laceration repairs
- ... and more!

Tips and Info for Owners

- Make sure your pet does not eat anything after midnight before the day of surgery. Feed them their dinner, but no midnight snacks! However, they may have water up until their appointment.

-It’s essential as well that you bring your pet in early on the day of surgery (the exact time will be discussed when the date is set). Even if a surgery is
scheduled for the afternoon, it’s important we get all the necessary bloodwork, exams, and preparation finished well ahead of time to stay on schedule.

-After your pet is released, we’ll discuss at-home care and send you home with instructions and pain medication to help with discomfort.

If you have any questions or concerns about pet surgery, give us a call today!