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Located in the heart of South City, St. Louis Veterinary Center provides for all of your pet’s needs.
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Our Story

Dr. Philip started his journey that led him to his own clinic by helping with shelters in the area, both in the city and in the county, and working with the animal protective association of Missouri. He worked with many rescue groups and piloted his own spay/neuter project. While working with all these shelters, he noticed that there was not a veterinarian located on Grand, which was a busy area that many pet owners lived in. So, here we are! He opened at the very end of 1991/beginning of 1992. Our goal is to continue with his dreams of being a clinic that can provide quality care to our awesome clients and be there every step of their pet’s journey with them, supporting their health to keep them feeling their best. We are a strong supporter of the spay/neuter initiatives of the city to reduce the amount of overbreeding that can lead to so many pets being in shelters in the first place.