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Annual Pet Wellness Exams
Has it been a year, or even longer, since your pet’s last exam? It’s time to get your pet back in great shape!
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Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams may seem unnecessary when your pet appears perfectly healthy. Still, it’s the comprehensive nature of these exams and the preventative services they include that keep your pet in that pristine state of health. That’s why you’ll want to arrange for your pet’s next wellness exam right here at St. Louis Veterinary Center in St. Louis, MO.

Why Your Pet Needs Regular Preventative Care

Pets can seem robustly well even when they’re harboring lurking health issues. This is particularly true of certain animals, such as cats, who do everything they can to hide signs of weakness or discomfort. Even your pet feels fine; invisible enemies such as internal parasites, systemic diseases, and early-stage cancers may progress undetected unless your pet is getting annual wellness exams.

The annual wellness exam is also a natural opportunity to administer preventative procedures to keep your pet safe against future illnesses and infestations. Last but certainly not least, the annual pet wellness exam gives you a chance to talk to our veterinarian about any questions or worries you might have concerning your pet’s ongoing wellness through every stage of his life.

What to Expect From Our Veterinarian

Our veterinarian will perform a number of tests and procedures during your pet’s annual wellness exam. These may include:

  • External evaluations – Evaluation of your pet’s stance, gait, skin, fur, eyes, ears, and other external features can tell us a great deal about his health. We also administer dental exams and cleanings.
  • Lab tests – We will analyze blood and urine samples to look for any indications of cancer, diabetes, immune system dysfunction, high cholesterol, and other trouble makers. We will also check a fecal sample for any signs of digestive parasites or related illnesses.
  • Weight – Weighing your pet at every exam lets us detect any changes that might be signs of obesity or disease.
  • Vaccination updates – We can administer initial rounds of vaccinations or give your pet any necessary booster shots to ensure he remains protected against killer germs.
  • Heartworm/parasite prevention – We can check your pet for heartworm and other worms, putting him on a program of preventative medications to keep these dangerous internal invaders at bay.
  • Geriatric exams – Geriatric pets need two screenings every year to guard against age-related cancers, degenerative ailments, and organ problems.

Contact Our St. Louis Vet Clinic in St. Louis, MO And Help Keep Your Pet Well!
For your pet to live a long healthy life, they require regular pet wellness care. Routine pet exams for St. Louis Veterinary Center pets allow us to check for abnormalities, talk to you about any behavior changes at home, perform necessary bloodwork and diagnostics as needed, and more. We recommend annual exams for most pets, but some may call for two or more exams a year. Puppies and kittens, senior pets, and those with chronic conditions are more vulnerable to illness, and pet wellness care checks help us keep a closer eye on them.

Pet wellness begins with pet wellness exams, so schedule your pet’s annual exam today. Call our St. Louis clinic at 314-773-6400!